PS5: are you struggling to find a console? The state has a good plan for you

Are you desperate for a PS5? The French State has a good plan for you: it will soon sell consoles confiscated by the courts.

Thanks to an upsurge in inventory all over the world, the PS5 has managed to return to the top of sales in several countries. However, many players are still struggling to get their hands on their precious one. Good news for them, a new good plan is emerging … thanks to the French State.

PS5 sold by French justice

The PS5 remains very difficult to find in the trade and many are those who throw themselves on the offers when it is in stock, in vain. The French State is on the spot and will offer them another chance to obtain the Holy Grail. The Agency for the Management and Recovery of Seized and Confiscated Assets (AGRASC) will indeed put up for sale two PS5s and games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Watch Dogs: Legion at auction.

PS5 Auction State

As the report BFM TV, everything will be organized through Maison Drouot on October 4 and 5 in Lyon and Marseille. However, there is little chance that the final price will be sacrificed. The first PS5 (physical version), accompanied by a single DualSense, will go on sale around 400 euros, against the 550 euros, official price since the increase. A price that should nevertheless quickly increase on D-Day as demand is strong. Video game and tech enthusiasts will be able to find other valuables seized by French justice such as AirPods Pro. For those interested who would like to try their luck, it is possible to register at this address. May the best win.

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