PS5 and Xbox Series: to save money avoid video streaming

This may be the case, after a game on your favorite game you want to launch a series or a film on Netflix or Disney+ on your PS5 console or Xbox Series. Well know that this fairly innocuous habit is actually a bad idea right now, explanations.

A very high energy consumption for the PS5/Xbox


The analysis of FlatpanelsHD revealed that streaming video on a PS5 consumes up to 25 times more energy than a Chromecast, while a Xbox Series X consumes up to 18 times more. To understand this in watts, know that the PS5 consumes 80 W and the Xbox Series X 57 Watts during video streaming, against only 3.2 watts for a Chromecast and almost the same on a classic TV box. Moreover, according to the same analysis it is possible to obtain a lower quality streaming experience despite the additional power consumption. This is because the video output is often forced into HDR regardless of whether the content is compatible or not.

Reduce your bill

With the current price of electricity which is rising, and this even with the price shield in France, no longer using video streaming on your console is therefore a good way to reduce your bill. And that’s not to mention the ecological gesture that this represents. Obviously some users don’t really have a choice, but if you do, you know what to do now.

Do you consume streaming video on your game console currently?

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