PS5 and Disney+: A long-awaited feature is here

Good news for Disney+ viewers who also have a PS5, a long-awaited feature is finally here.

No need to hold back the suspense any longer: the PS5 finally has a native Disney Plus application. Indeed Disney has announced that a new version of the Disney Plus application is now available worldwide on PS5, and it is designed natively to work best on the Sony console.

An optimal version for PS5?


The previous version was a PS4 app that worked on PS5, and this one additionally capped out at 1080p. The main difference is that the new version for PlayStation 5 supports 4K HDR playback according to The Verge. A huge, more than welcome step forward which should allow Disney + subscribers to finally see the programs in high quality.

This was all the more lacking as Disney Plus’ main rivals, namely Netflix and HBO Max, already have native PS5 apps with 4K resolution support. 8.99€ per month or 89.99€ per year, this is what the subscription to Disney+ costs for the moment. With that you have ultra-high definition, 4 simultaneous screens and up to 7 user profiles.

4K is all the more enjoyable on Disney+ since the platform is full of great shows like movies Star Wars or the Marvel Universe. Being able to see all this on PS5 is therefore more than pleasant.

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