PS5: an ultra practical feature for trophy hunters

PS5 update 6.0 rolled out to all consoles yesterday. A new patch that emphasizes 1440p resolution and some changes for social features. Precisely, one of them, a little hidden, should delight trophy hunters.

How to reveal all hidden trophies on PS5?

The new PS5 patch had some surprises in store. Most often, Sony is careful not to reveal all the new updates to its consoles, preferring to dwell on the biggest changes. More discreet and practical additions are also available on consoles and it did not fail with theupdate 6.0. As the Youtuber discovered mysticala new feature should appeal to trophy hunters.

PS5 reveal all hidden trophies

From now on, it is possible to reveal all of the hidden trophies for a game at once. It doesn’t look like much on paper, but it’s a life-saving change for trophy hunters on PS5. Before, it was indeed necessary to reveal them one by one, while scrolling the list. To use this trick, nothing could be simpler:

  • Go to the Trophies page with the list of games;
  • Place the cursor on the desired game without entering the list of trophies;
  • Click on Options and activate the “Reveal all” option;
  • Repeat the manipulation for several games if necessary.

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