PS5: an even more innovative controller than the DualSense?

PS5: an even more innovative controller than the DualSense?

After the controller to play everywhere, PlayStation publishes a new patent for its DualSense. The inseparable peripheral of the PS5 experience could gain in depth.

A force feedback in the sticks of the PS5 controller

First of all, the discovery of this new patent does not in any way indicate use for an end product. It just allows Sony to protect itself. This reminder being done, place this mysterious improvement.

In line with the adaptive triggers of the PS5 controller, the manufacturer would like the DuaSense joysticks to behave differently depending on the pressure and certainly depending on the game as well. For it, the Japanese firm would like to have force feedback in its accessory with the non-Newtonian fluid method.

Wikipedia gives a definition understandable by all: “Viscosity can change when subjected to a force to become more liquid or more solid. Many saline solutions and molten polymers are non-Newtonian fluids, as are many commonly encountered substances such as custard, honey, toothpaste, starch slurries, cornstarch, paint, blood , melted butter and shampoo”. This is also the case with Ketchup.

The desired effect is therefore that the sticks can retract and be resistant, or conversely, extend. It could for example be used when the player crouched in a title. According to insider Tom Henderson, Sony is preparing a PS5 Pro controller. A more premium model, and therefore more expensive, which would have rear paddles, a superior grip, interchangeable joysticks and a “trigger lock”. This last addition would be there to adjust the shooting action so that it is cut short (and vice versa).

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