PS5: a surprising new model is coming? The details

PS5: a surprising new model is coming? The details

In addition to the two new, lighter PS5s, Sony is said to have other plans for a third model. An amazing console that would be inspired by the classic PlayStation 5 and the Digital Edition.

It is customary to see several revisions of a console during its life cycle. The PS5 will accommodate two lighter models, but the Japanese manufacturer intends to go much further…

A new PS5 in preparation?

For the launch of his site Insider Gaming, Tom Henderson begins with a scoop that concerns Sony. The Japanese firm plans to put a new PS5 on the market by September 2023. A more powerful PlayStation 5 Pro or a more compact Slim? Still not, but a much more surprising variation.

In effect, this PS5 would have a removable blu-ray player according to the insider. If the reader were to give up the ghost, Sony would have already planned everything with readers available individually. In other words, it would be the equivalent of the current “Digital Edition” model but with the possibility of adding a blu-ray player. According to Henderson, the design of the console would not be tarnished since the peripheral could be plugged into the back via an additional new USB-C port.

A new PS5 which could thus be even thinner and lighter than the last iterations. This version called “PlayStation 5 D chassis” would serve as the basis for production and the A, B and C chassis would be doomed. In fiscal 2023, Sony reportedly aims to produce 18.5 million units of this D frame, and only 12 million PS5s with the A, B, and C frames that would be phased out of the market.

For now, the positioning of this offer is not very clear and we will have to see at what price Sony intends to sell it. It is recalled that the company has decided to increase the price of the PS5.

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