PS5: a new exclusive announced in image, it will be fantastic

A new PS5 exclusive has been announced and it’s looking particularly fantastic. Here are the first details and a brief overview of its artistic direction.

If eyes are on The Last of Us Factions, the multiplayer of the license, Sony plans to release a total of more than 10 service games by 2026. The Japanese firm is sparing no effort, nor its first-party studios which secretly develop the future multiplayer titles of the PS5. One of them will be signed PlayStation London Studio, which has just announced a new exclusivity.

A new game-service on PS5

As much to make people disappointed from the start, it’s not Blood & Truth 2. The London studio will rather try the perilous exercise of the service game. No advanced names yet, but this PS5 exclusive will be the developers’ most ambitious game yet. It will take the form of combat-focused co-op multiplayer set in a whimsical and fantastical London where dragons and magic are expected to be part of the game.

Few details have been advanced, except those of a technical nature. The exclusivity is developed for the PS5 from the in-house engine called Soho Engine. On the other hand, if we follow Sony’s strategy, this new coop game would also be released on PC as soon as it is released. ” With this project, we really want to explore new horizons and set ourselves new challenges. We clearly wanted to try something different It’s an exciting future, really commented Tara Saunders, head of PlayStation London Studio.

Excluded PS5 PlayStation London Studio

The developers say they brainstormed ideas for several months before refining them until only a few remained. The sorting done, PlayStation London then approached several other studios of the group to discuss the points to improve and the direction to take. They also surveyed several players anonymously and the concept of the PS5 exclusive would have appealed. It remains to be seen when we will be able to see it in action.

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