PS5: a new excluded from Until Dawn discovered before the hour?

PS5: a new excluded from Until Dawn discovered before the hour?

What if Sony was preparing a PS5 exclusive in the vein of Until Dawn? This is what several clues suggest around a studio composed of former Supermassive.

Until Dawn has already had its spiritual sequel with The Quarry. However, Sony will pay for a potential PS5 exclusivity by former developers of the cult game of the old generation. Here’s what we know.

A PS5 exclusive by Until Dawn alumni

Ballistic Moon is officially working on a PlayStation exclusive. The young British studio was founded in 2019 by Supermassive Games alumni, including Neil McEwan as creative director, Chris Lamb in charge of technology and Duncan Kershaw as production director. The former worked on Syndicate and The House of the Dead Overkill. The second meanwhile worked on Until Dawn and its VR spin-off Rush of Blood. For his part, the last worked for big names like SEGA, THQ, Square Enix or EA.

All these beautiful people are currently working on a certain Project Bates, in development on the engine Unreal Engine 5. Between its codename, the presence of Until Dawn alumni, and a few tweets from the studio referencing Halloween, thrills, and more, everything suggests the PS5 exclusive will be a horror game. There is nothing to be certain on this point, however. Its partnership with Sony should have been kept secret, except that an actor who donned the motion capture outfit for two characters in the game spilled the beans. The capture is also supervised by Joshua Archer who worked on Until Dawn and Horizon Zero Dawn. A studio to watch closely.

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