PS5: a feature to prevent you from losing stupidly

PS5: a feature to prevent you from losing stupidly

Apart from updates for “improve system performance”, the PS5 has received new features since its release. And PlayStation is thinking about a solution that should relieve more than one.

A PS5 feature to manage the unexpected

Someone rings the doorbell during a game and you forgot to pause your game? This may change in the future with a new patent entitled “Method of detecting idle game controller” Where Method for detecting an inactive gamepad ». Filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, it would aim to identify if the player has released his controller to be absent and if necessary, pause the game automatically.

For this, there would be no expensive PS5 controller but tools already available. Indeed to achieve an automatic pause, Sony would rely on the wireless signal of the accessory, on the microphone or even on a camera. A complete analysis would then be launched so that the system can make the necessary decision. Will it come to PlayStation 5? As always, impossible to say. Not all patents materialize.

Lately, Sony has also been seen to be interested in a Picture-in-Picture option or a feature to unlock you in a game.

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