PS5: a big update with long-awaited features

A big PS5 update has just been rolled out. It brings with it some much-awaited features including native 1440p resolution and some welcome changes.

The PS5 is going to receive a new update today. And for once, it’s not just about “stability and performance”. There are new features on the way, including one intended to make your games look even better.

Here’s what’s new in the latest PS5 update

The PS5 is updating. Available for download now, this new patch will above all be marked by the arrival for all of highly anticipated features. Starting with support for 1440p via HDMI, allowing you to enjoy an output of this native resolution on compatible computer screens and televisions. Additionally, if a game features 4K, gamers will benefit from improved anti-aliasing through upsampling to 1440p output. To find out if your HDMI device is compatible or not, go to the system settings and then to the “Screen and video” menu.

This PS5 update also brings changes for game listings. You can now organize your titles even more easily by going to the “Your Collection” tab and then “Create a list of games”. All you have to do is choose the titles you want to add to the list and give it a name. Note that you will have a maximum of 15 lists, each of which can contain 100 games.

PS5 game list update

This patch also emphasizes new social features. For example, it is possible to request Screen Sharing directly from a member of a Party. The profile display of new friends has also been simplified, as have the notifications to join a friend’s game more quickly from the chat.

Shift PS5 Features

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