PS5: a big PlayStation Showcase with the return of Infamous?

PS5: a big PlayStation Showcase with the return of Infamous?

Will Sony show off future PS5 cartridges soon? It is very likely. The publisher could even announce the return of two licenses appreciated by fans within a few months with a new PlayStation Showcase.

Let the speculation begin. As the Summer Game Fest approaches, theories around a Sony showcase to unveil future PS5 and PS4 exclusives are going well.

A PlayStation Showcase with Infamous and Sly Cooper?

Unlike Xbox, which has already confirmed its conference on June 12, PlayStation has made no announcements about a possible PlayStation Showcase or State of Play. Rumors suggest that this second, less ambitious format will return as early as the first week of next month.

However, according to the insider AccountNGTknown for his leaks around Star Wars Eclipse and Hogwarts Legacy, Sony would hold a big PlayStation Showcase in September. On the program are highly anticipated games including a new Sly Cooper and the upcoming InFAMOUS, both of which have reportedly been in development for some time. If the source has proven itself, this information still remains to be taken with a grain of salt.

That wouldn’t mean Sony would skip the festivities this summer, though. It’s entirely likely that PlayStation will air a State of Play focusing on a single game or smaller titles while waiting for its bigger event.

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