PS4: the 10.0 update improves a very useful feature, the details

PS4: the 10.0 update improves a very useful feature, the details

Yes, it is still possible to update your PS4 and is even necessary. The latest firmware 10.00 enriches an important feature that has been in place for several years.

After the big PS5 update, it’s the turn of its big sister the PS4. Firmware 10.0 is out and here are all the changes.

Better Remote Play with PS4 Update 10.0

There’s something new for the PS4 with its 10.0 update. After downloading a file from 472Mbthe Remote Play feature will be more efficient.

We have modified the Remote Play function as follows. It’s now easier to use a keyboard on your PC or Mac with the PS Remote Play app. We’ve removed the text input box so you can use your keyboard to directly enter text on your PS5 or PS4 console. Besides text input, you can use the keyboard to control games that support it

Remote Play allows remote control of a PS5 or PS4 via a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) and a PC or Mac. The PS Remote Play mobile app had been updated to incorporate a new dark theme and multiple languages.

This PS4 firmware also makes it easier to browse the Internet with two types of zoom.

While using the Internet browser, two types of zoom functions are available to you. The “Zoom” function allows you to magnify the elements of the page, while adjusting their layout so that everything fits on the screen, without you having to scroll left and right. The “Maximize” function enlarges the entire content of the page, without adjusting the layout. The maximum zoom/magnify level is now 500%.

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