PS2: beware nostalgia, here are ALL the manuals for your favorite games

PS2: beware nostalgia, here are ALL the manuals for your favorite games

When we think of the PS2, we inevitably have a rather emotional memory. One of the fundamental steps for the discovery of a game inevitably passed by the reading of the manual. You know that little excitement when you open the box of a game for the first time? In your parents’ car leaving a store, under the tree on Christmas Day… In short, the manual was a bit like the definition of teasing in its ultimate version.

PS2: all the game manuals, in 4K

As reported Kotaku, a fan and “curator” of games called Kirkland seeks to preserve this nostalgia by digitizing in 4K the manual for each of the PS2 games. Alas, this obviously only concerns US textbooks, but that’s already a good thing. You can find all of his long-term work by going to on this link. Then on the right side, you have the choice between several formats including the traditional PDF. There are a total of 1907 game manuals and everything is listed in alphabetical order to help you find your way around. Available since 2000 (yes already) the PS2 is the most popular console of all time with no less than 155 million sold worldwide. For example, the Nintendo Switch, which is a huge hit, is currently only at 111 million in sales.

To download all the manuals, you will still need to have 17 GB free on your storage space. Knowing that before the compression it was still 230 GB… But since you can also download the content independently, everything is fine.

Which game manual do you want to downloader first ?

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