PS Store: Sony accused of scamming PS5 and PS4 players

Obviously, Sony would not hesitate to pass the players several times at the checkout for a vulgar licensing problem. In any case, it does not bother the support of the firm.

This is the misadventure reported by an American user of the service who came to tell his little story on social networks. This player had the idea of ​​​​relaunching Hitman 3, a game he had bought as soon as it was released on the PS Store on his PS5, for around sixty dollars. If his game was available in his library and downloadable from his collection, however, he never wanted to get started, asking him to buy it back before he could play.

Is Sony really trying to scam players on the PS Store?

Completely blocked, our gamer will try everything possible and unimaginable before contacting Sony support. Support who will indeed validate the fact that the game is in the player’s purchase list on the date of January and that everything seems normal, before suggesting that he buy the PS5 game a second time to be able to launch it . A height.

An answer completely off the mark for the fan who will point out the brand’s chaotic licensing system. If for the time being the problem has obviously not been solved for our unlucky one, this also echoes the many problems of the PS Store and the lack of clarity of its system of versions and other digital licenses.

The PS Store is scamming players?
will reset

How do I fix PS5 and PS4 game licensing issues?

Still in a period of transition, stuck between two generations, games are sometimes available in several PS4 and PS5 versions in the PS Store. Not to mention any deluxe packs, “upgrades”, cross-gen bundles, DLCs… Yes, it’s a bit of a fair. It is therefore not uncommon to end up with digital licensing problems, usually solved with a quick restoration of properties in the following way:

  • Settings > Users and Accounts > Other > Restore Licenses

But alas, sometimes it happens that it does not work. Besides, the real problem is that it seems that the support itself is a bit lost. By writing these lines, we can also testify ourselves to a similar problem that completely blocked my online purchases, without the support being able to do anything. It’s an update from the PS Store that will eventually resolve the issue on its own. And this without the support or ourselves understanding the reason.

And you, have you ever had similar problems?

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