PS Store: changes for the PS5 and PS4 store, but there is a catch

The PS Store is updating. The store dedicated to PS4 and PS5 games was recently at the heart of a controversy accusing Sony of highlighting “trash” games in the latest releases tab, rather than more legitimate productions, indie like AAA.

Change for the PS Store

The PS Store is getting a slight makeover to respond to the criticisms. Lately, several players have expressed their frustration with the “New Games” tab. The category featured anything and everything, including shovelware. This indeed includes the famously uninteresting games designed only for the farming platinum trophies that are triggered just by launching the game or almost.

These games, including The Pig Quiz or The Jumping Noodles Turbo, always managed to come out on top thanks to a tactic by the developers of spamming the release date or bringing in dozens of updates with almost no change between each exit. As our colleagues from PushSquare, now the PS5 and PS4 store shows top selling/most downloaded games first, rather than sorting them by release date. What drown the unscrupulous practices of some developers to highlight more legitimate titles. This, however, comes at the cost of honest indie games that will hardly be featured in this category anymore.

PS Store change
PS store front
PS Store change
PS Store after

A loss of visibility for indie games

Only the most popular will manage to pull out of the game, like Stray or Cult of the Lamb. For others, this loss of visibility will undoubtedly have a definite impact on their sales. Especially since shovelware is still present in the category, they just have less publicity than before. Whether Sony will find a system that doesn’t penalize legitimate indie games remains to be seen.

Remember also that the Japanese publisher had been accused of not promoting enough indie titles on the PS Store. Only this category allowed them to advertise to players without advancing sums impossible for developers of this caliber.

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