PS Store: a radical change that displeases trophy hunters

PS Store: a radical change that displeases trophy hunters

Sony is cleaning up. Following complaints from many developers, the Japanese publisher had made welcome changes to the PS Store for PS5 and PS4. The manufacturer now engages the second and goes even further in its approach. It’s clearly not going to please some trophy hunters.

The PS Store is cleaning up

PlayStation is committed to developers. Often under fire from critics, the PS Store has been repeatedly judged as a difficult platform for independent games to access. Because of its visibility above all and the costs necessary to have a minimum of publicity. To meet developer expectations, Sony updated its PS5 and PS4 store last August to clean up the “New Games” tab. The category highlighted everything and anything and especially the shovelwares. A term for express, uninteresting games designed solely for the farming platinum trophies that trigger just by launching the game or almost. Today, Sony strengthens its position on the subject.

The publisher sent a letter to the developers indicating that it was going to tighten the screw. In his viewfinder: games that chain variants without real changes, non-games and those that are only there to win platinum trophies easily. All these shovelwares will be “shadowbanned”, in other words stealthily blocked, or removed from the PS5/PS4 store. Developers who follow this practice may even be banned from the PS Store with the impossibility of publishing new titles.

The end of easy platinum trophies on PS5 & PS4?

SIE strives to ensure that customers can seek out a variety of experiences on PlayStation consoles, and that our partners have fair means to be discovered. When certain partners overcrowd or “spamm” the PS Store with many variations of the same type of content, it can negatively impact the customer and partner experience.

Excerpt from Sony’s letter to developers via Dexdotexe

Now the PS Store strictly prohibits games where the features and/or assets are copy-paste of an already existing iteration, as well as those where there is no major difference between the previous product. Instead, Sony encourages these developers to create a compilation of their shovelwares and bundle them into a single product. Failure to comply will result in the publisher removing their content, limiting their visibility on the store, and may even prevent them from posting new games to the PS Store. A decision that clearly meets the demands of industry players, but which upsets some players. Part of the trophy hunting community is indeed very fond of its one-shots which allow them to inflate their rank just by starting a game or finishing it in two minutes flat.

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