PS Plus: soon more free games as soon as they are released? Sony drops a hint

Sony has already decided on the subject. Its house exclusives will not be available as soon as they are released on the PS Plus. However, the Japanese firm does not hesitate to offer from time to time third-party productions at the time of their launch. The PlayStation Plus Extra, for example, started off on a high thanks to the arrival of Stray. This month, the Essential offer is back with a more confidential independent title and it could be that the Japanese firm does it again next year.

More day one games on the PS Plus?

December 2022 PS Plus is going to offer Divine Knockout. An independent multiplayer game unknown to the battalion which will nevertheless be available from its launch for all subscribers to the service. In the image accompanying the announcement of the line-up, a very discreet and new logo seems to indicate that more games could arrive as soon as they are released on the PS+. A new symbol indeed indicates when one of the titles offered is available day one, which was not the case for the other releases, which were more interesting.

PS Plus day one release
New logo for day one outings

The fact that Sony mobilized someone internally to create such a logo does not seem insignificant. Why bother doing it any other way? While that doesn’t guarantee day one releases on the PS Plus, it does indicate there could be more, if not more. The Japanese firm could easily be tempted to take out its checkbook to try to compete more fiercely with Xbox Game Pass. The PS+ has indeed lost ground, while the launch of the two new offers has caused it to lose millions of subscribers.

It is in any case a strategy that pays on the side of Microsoft. Its subscription service would indeed have a head start on its competitor. It must be said that the Redmond firm does not skimp on the means to bait the barge. This year alone, the XGP has hosted many highly anticipated games upon their release, including A Plague Tale Requiem, to name a few.

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