PS Plus Premium: one of its biggest mistakes finally corrected

PS Plus Premium: one of its biggest mistakes finally corrected

Sony is finally rolling out an important update for lovers of retro games. You will finally be able to enjoy your favorite games in good conditions.

As soon as its new PS Plus Premium subscription was released, players complained about the instability of several classic games in the catalog. In addition to graphic bugs, many have pointed to the sometimes disastrous framerate of certain titles. The reason for this technical problem was quickly found and Sony is now working to correct it.

One small step for PS Plus Premium, one giant leap for gamers

The slowness of the classic PlayStation Plus Premium games was due to the importation of PAL versions on European territory, where most of the rest of the world was entitled to NTSC versions, which were more efficient since they were capable of reaching a refresh rate of 60Hz where the PAL versions did not exceed 50Hz in the best case.

Sony had quickly declared that it intended to deploy new NTSC versions for most of the games in the catalog and it starts now. After trying to improve a handful of titles like jumping flash with a patch that had finally broken the game more than anything else, the Japanese firm goes the second and brings us one of its biggest novelties to date: the replacement of PAL versions by NTSC on European territory.

For this first batch, these are Siphon Filter and Ape Escape which now benefit from an update to change their version and thus make them more fluid. So you can finally enjoy these games in good conditions. They thus join other games like tekken 2, Mr Driller and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee which had meanwhile had the right to their NTSC format from their launch.

Sony is of course planning to roll out its new update to other games soon, but we don’t know when or which games will be affected at this time.

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