PS Plus Premium: Angry gamers and for good reason

PS Plus Premium: Angry gamers and for good reason

Is PS Plus Premium really worth it? According to some of its subscribers no. Several people who subscribed to the most expensive formula expressed their disappointment and even their anger.

Two months after the launch of the new PS Plus formulas, discontent is starting to mount among subscribers. If the new games added are of excellent quality for the moment, some believe that Sony does not keep one of its promises for the PS Plus Premium.

Disappointed PS Plus Premium subscribers

At the end of June, Sony finally launched its response to Xbox Game Pass. Available in three formulas, this new version of PS Plus is based on a more expensive offer including a long-standing demand: retro games. At the launch of PS + Premium, some were available in the catalog, but some subscribers found that some great classics were missing. The Japanese publisher quickly reassured them by stipulating that new retro titles would arrive every month. In July, some PSP games have indeed come to be added to the whole except that this month … nothing.

Last week, PlayStation lifted the veil on the PS Plus Extra & Premium games of August 2022. A nice program certainly, with almost all the Yakuza games or even Dead by Daylight, but no classic on the horizon. The announcement puzzled many subscribers and discontent began to rise among some. You only have to browse the Reddit forums and especially the Twitter replies to see that PS Plus Premium members are wondering about the point of paying extra for classics and trial versions when there is not new monthly.

New classic games coming soon?

Where are the classics? Why am I paying extra? asks a user of the brand on its social networks. ” I really struggle to see the point of keeping a Premium subscription when I can just upgrade to Extra. Classic games and demos aren’t really worth it “Explains a player on Twitter, while another believes” that at this point they should just ditch the PS Plus Premium “.

Obviously, the Internet being what it is, we only share the most watered-down messages. A blunder from PlayStation Italy and leaks from the PS Store, however, suggest that Sony is preparing the ground for new classics. Since the service only launched two months ago, we’ll have to wait and see if it’s a simple discrepancy, or if the pace of retro game updates won’t be as regular as promised.

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