PS Plus Premium: a great PS1 classic soon to be added?

PS Plus Premium subscribers have been cringing for a few months. In their eyes, Sony is not keeping its promise in terms of true classics. However, the Japanese firm is preparing to bring back a popular game from the first PlayStation.

The arrival of the new PlayStation Plus formulas has scared away millions of subscribers. If the new offers are not lacking in assets to seduce, a consensus has been established around the PS Plus Premium. Many players who opted for the most expensive subscription were disappointed by the lack of classics from the PS1 era. If the additions are not systematic every month, Sony could bring a new retro game very soon.

Two classics soon in the PS Plus Premium?

November will be busy for PS Plus Premium subscribers. This month, players will be able to (re)discover five iconic PS3 games, all from the Ratchet & Clank license. A nice selection, which however disappoints retro enthusiasts who want Sony to keep its promise with real “classics”. Mean by that titles that made the heyday of the PS1, the PS2 or even the PSP. This month, there won’t be any to their dismay, however the Japanese firm could be preparing to correct this problem.

PS Plus Premium Siphon Filter 3

The Korean classification body has indeed listed Siphon Filter 3 on PS4 and PS5, suggesting that the last part of the trilogy will soon be available on the PS Plus Premium. However, it would not be the only classic game that could arrive in the coming months since Dino Crisis, Harvest Moon: Back to the Nature or even Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness had also been discovered before time. It remains to be seen whether they will arrive quickly enough to calm the frustration of subscribers who feel aggrieved.

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