PS Plus: lots of freebies for subscribers. Be quick !

Stock up on gifts with PS Plus. Sony has made plenty of free in-game content available for some of your favorite free-to-play games.

While waiting for the arrival of the free PS Plus games in October 2022, all subscribers can take advantage of some welcome gifts, regardless of their subscription plan. We take stock of the latest packs available for free.

New gifts exclusive to PS Plus

To make the PS Plus Essential even more appealing, Sony started handing out a few extra freebies to subscribers several months ago. Like Amazon Prime Gaming, the Japanese giant regularly offers exclusive PS+ content on a regular basis. In October, PS4 and PS5 players will be able to grab some nice bonuses on four popular games: Fortnite, Rocket League, Fall Guys and Genshing Impact.


Starting September 21, PS Plus subscribers can pick up the Celebration Pack for Fortnite. No surprise, it contains some in-game elements for the essential battle royale ofEpic Games. Claiming this gift will grant you the “Follow the Butterfly” emote, the “Snowwing” glider, and the “Snowball fight” contrail. There is obviously no deadline to collect these always appreciable bonuses.

PS+ Fortnite

Genshin Impact

Until November 1 at 11 p.m., players can pick up a Genshin Impact PS Plus pack containing 4 different resources, namely 20 Hero Lessons, 15 Mystical Strengthening Minerals, 50,000 Moras and above all 2 Brittle Resins. After claiming your gift, you will have 365 days to log into the game and collect your precious in-game.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys fans are not left out. All PS+ subscribers can pick up the Satellite Repair Pack for free. On the program are two costumes, the “Spatiomechanic” and the “Orbito-engineer”, a “Take off” celebration and above all 2,300 Kudos to have fun in the shop.

Fall Guys PS Plus Content

Rocket League Pack PS Plus

We end with a boiling hot batch for Rocket League. This tuneful pack includes the MMS RBY accessory, a Dangerous Waves sticker, the Metalwork RBY smooth wheels and the Trinity RBY electronic turbo.

Rocket League PS Plus

If you haven’t seen them yet, many other packs are still available, including Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, Warframe, Marvel’s Avengersor even World of Tanks.

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