PS Plus: great promotions on subscriptions, up to -50%!

PS Plus: great promotions on subscriptions, up to -50%!

After Black Friday, Sony is giving players one last gift. Notice to those who wish to buy their PS Plus subscription for cheap, a new promo has arrived.

Faced with the flight of millions of subscribers since the launch of the new formulas, PlayStation is attempting a final seduction operation for the year. After making great offers for Black Friday, Sony is back with new promotions on PS Plus subscriptions. Be careful however, it is subject to conditions.

Up to -50% on PS Plus subscriptions

Until December 20, 2022, PS5 and PS4 players will be able to purchase discounted PS Plus subscriptions from the PS Store. All three formulas benefit from a reduction of up to -50% for the PlayStation Plus Essential for example, the offer which allows you to play online, to have exclusive PS Store reductions and to obtain three free games every month. With these new reductions, subscriptions are at the following price:

  • One year PS Plus Essential at €29.99 instead of €59.99 (-50%)
  • One-year PlayStation Plus Extra: €69.99 instead of €99.99 (-30%)
  • One year of PS Plus Premium: €89.99 instead of €119.99 (-25%)

Very nice promotions on all subscriptions, but not everyone will be able to take advantage of them. They are only intended for new subscribers or those who no longer have an active PS Plus. Surprisingly, some users manage to stack, i.e. to accumulate subscriptions over several years thanks to this operation. If it is undoubtedly a bug that cannot be reproduced by all, it would make it possible to make great savings on the PS+ Essential. Note that if you are unable to see PS Plus promos from your computer, you will need to log in to see the discounts. You can also go through the mobile application or from your console.

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