PS Plus: five free games in December, it’s going to be crazy!

After a month of respite, back to good old habits. the leaker Dealabs billbil-kun has once again revealed the upcoming free PS Plus games in advance. All subscribers to the PlayStation service will be able to pick up not three, but five titles next month.

PS Plus games for December 2022 revealed in advance

December 2022 PS Plus Essential games have leaked. To end the year, Sony will put stars in the eyes of its subscribers by offering them three new titles, one of which is a compilation, once again. On next month’s program, BioWare’s most popular trilogy, a medium-sized game that has had its small effect, and a more confidential title that can be discovered with a few million subscribers. A cocktail that promises hundreds of hours of play as far as the eye can see.

  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition
  • Biomutant
  • Divine Knockout

New December 2022 PS Plus free games can be picked up from December 06, 2022 until January 03, 2023 at 11 a.m. French time. So you still have a short week to recover last month’s quartet, namely Nioh 2, Lego Harry Potter Collection and Heavenly Bodies. The PS Plus Extra program will be announced halfway through the month, but we already know that a big title will leave the service.

PS Plus December 2022

Introducing PS Plus Essential games for December 2022

If Mass Effect Legendary Edition will speak to everyone, the other two games will probably be less known to the general public. Biomutant had received a mixed critical and commercial reception, while Divine Knockout will try to surf on the aura of the subscription service to entice players. Here’s a quick roundup of all the PS Plus games for December 2022.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Remastered compilation including the three emblematic games of the BioWare saga. On the program, hundreds of hours of play, an exciting story and choices that continue with each episode. The ultimate space opera and a must for RPG lovers.


More modest production by THQ Nordic. Biomutant presents itself as a post-apocalyptic open-world RPG whose gameplay is based on a martial arts combat system. Harness your mutant powers, fight melee and learn new forms of combat to renew the experience.

Divine Knockout

There will be a day one release on the December PS Plus schedule. Multiplayer combat game in 3rd person view where everyone is very small, but sends overpowered potatoes. Small peculiarity, each arena has a special mechanism. This can range from collapsing ground, to obstacles, to ruthless traps.

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