PS Plus Extra: a surprise release for November 2022

PS Plus Extra: a surprise release for November 2022

Each month, PS+ subscribers can enjoy three free games, or even more in exceptional cases. However, those who opt for the new formulas have a slew of additional recent games. Additions which are also accompanied by releases, generally announced upstream. And sometimes there are a few surprises, as is the case with the November 2022 PS Plus Extra.

A game removed from the PS Plus Extra by surprise

Without warning, Sony has therefore just removed a game from PS Plus Extra. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA has been quietly removed from the catalog. The title is no longer listed as part of the catalog of this subscription plan, even on the official website. No ads, no notifications, the RPG can now only be purchased on PS5 and PS4 for €39.99. Why such a turnaround? Nobody knows, not even the developer. ” The fact that YS 8 does not appear in the PS Plus Extra catalog was not planned. We are currently reviewing the situation. We would not withdraw any of our titles on any platform without prior communication “, explained NIS America to Push-Square.

Everything seems to point to a PS Store error or a simple bug. A few hours before the publisher’s speech, players thought that the game had been removed from the PS Plus Extra following its release on PS5 on November 18th. The date seems to coincide in any case and it would not be the first time that Sony has acted in this way. In June, the Japanese firm had removed four games from the catalog without warning following the launch of new formulas in Europe. So we just have to wait for the NIS America investigation to give us an answer. In the meantime, license fans can always turn to Ys 9: Monstrum Nox, which has not been removed from PS Plus Extra.

As a reminder, you can take advantage of attractive promotions on PS Plus subscriptions on the occasion of Black Friday. All formulas benefit from a -25% reduction for a limited time. It’s now or never.

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