PS Plus: big promotions on subscriptions, hurry!

PS Plus: big promotions on subscriptions, hurry!

Notice to those who wish to buy their PS Plus subscription for cheap, a new promo has arrived. It concerns the Extra & Premium formulas.

Is the Playstation Plus in big decline? As we know, the new formulas have scared away millions of players. Since then, Sony has been striving to bring subscribers back in one way or another. The Japanese publisher had hit hard during Black Friday with attractive promotions for the world, which were followed by reductions for newcomers. A few weeks after the last offer, the PS Plus is on sale again. Be careful however, it is subject to conditions.

Up to -40% on PS Plus Extra & Premium subscriptions

New seduction operation. Until January 13, 2023, PS5 and PS4 players will be able to purchase discounted PlayStation Plus subscriptions from the PS Store. On the other hand, it is only the Extra and Premium formulas that are concerned this time. They both benefit from a reduction of up to -40% for subscriptions lasting 3 or 12 months only. With these new reductions, the PS Plus Extra and Premium are therefore at the following price:

  • PS Plus Extra 3 months: €24.99 instead of €39.99 (-37%)
  • 3 months of PS Plus Premium: €34.99 instead of €49.99 (-30%)
  • PS Plus Extra 12 months: €59.99 instead of €99.99 (-40%)
  • 12 months of PS Plus Premium: €79.99 instead of €19.99 (-33%)

We remind you that the PS Plus Extra allows you to have access to a whole series of new additions to its catalog which continues to swell, in addition to the three free games of the Essential formula and exclusive reductions on the PS Store. Third most important, the PlayStation Plus Premium contains in addition to retro games and classics from the PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3. However, not everyone will be able to take advantage of the promotions on these subscriptions. Again, they are only for new subscribers or those who no longer have an active PS Plus.

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