PS Plus: attractive promotions on subscriptions for Black Friday

PS Plus: attractive promotions on subscriptions for Black Friday

Notice to those who want to buy one or more PS Plus subscriptions for cheap, all formulas will be on sale during Black Friday this Friday.

Black Friday is fast approaching and the various commercial offers from the big brands with it. The various reductions are already beginning to be announced by some large manufacturers in all industries. Nevertheless, Sony’s plans for video games are revealed a little in advance. Good news for those who would like to extend their PS Plus subscription or switch to a new formula, promos are coming on Friday.

PS Plus on sale on the PS Store

From November 18 to 28, 2022, PS5 and PS4 players will be able to purchase discounted PS Plus subscriptions from the PS Store. The information was first revealed by the French leaker Billbil Kun, before being confirmed in stride by PlayStation, which did not provide more details. What we know thanks to the leak, however, is that all three formulas will benefit from a reduction of -25%, which gives for example:

  • One year of PS Plus Essential at €44.99 instead of €59.99.
  • One year of PS Plus Extra at €74.99 instead of €99.99.
  • One year of PS Plus Premium at €89.99 instead of €119.99.

Obviously, this is just a sample of the possible offers, since there are various PS Plus subscription lengths that will also be on sale. For the moment, impossible to know if PlayStation plans other reductions on the games, or commercial operations in the stores. A new wave of PS Store promos are expected to arrive tomorrow, however. Chances are they are related to Black Friday too. We also recall that the free games of PS + Extra and Premium have recently been unveiled. The service continues to grow over the months. This will be the perfect opportunity for those who hesitate to crack at a reduced price.

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