PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass pulverized by a competitor?

Microsoft, Sony, and even Nintendo with its live service, would be beaten at the post by an opponent that we had not seen coming.

In any case, this is what emerges from the statements of Sports Interactive Games, the studio behind Football Manager. Since according to the statements of its director Miles Jacobson, the Xbox Game Pass, the PS Plus, and the Nintendo Switch Online would be plucked by the apple giant and its Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade, more subscribers than Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus combined?

The man indeed declares at iMore that the online service of Apple would have a number of subscribers approaching 100 million users. At least that’s what he would have heard when Soccer Manager 23 is about to join the platform.

I’m told nine digit subscribers, I have no idea if those numbers are correct or not.


A huge figure that would then far surpass those of the competition. The latest news, the Xbox Game Pass would have just over 25 million subscribers when the Nintendo Online declares more than 36 million and the PS Plus around 46 million.

Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus and Switch Online face Apple

For the time being, however, nothing indicates that the figures mentioned are correct. Even if the Apple Arcade regularly offers trial offers of several months and its price displayed at 4.99 euros per month has not changed one iota since its launch in 2019, this remains a number of subscribers absolutely huge. On the other hand, the Apple Arcade is available on almost all of the brand’s platforms. And in the latest reports, the firm had more than 1.8 billion devices in circulation. Suffice to say that the exhibition is huge.

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