PS Plus: an essential feature discreetly removed

PS Plus: an essential feature discreetly removed

Each month, the Japanese publisher not only announces free PS Plus games for all subscribers, but also PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium additions and releases. Except that Sony has removed a feature from the PS Store that was very useful.

The PS Plus Extra a little more opaque

The launch of the new PS Plus formulas was accompanied by some changes for subscribers. Now dedicated tabs allow them to see the games in the PS+ Extra & Premium catalog and easily discover which ones have arrived or are about to leave. But precisely, Sony has discreetly removed the most important information: the departure date of the PS Plus games is no longer displayed. As several players have spotted, it is now impossible to know when a game will leave the catalog from a game’s page.

Less intuitive and more time-consuming, players must then imperatively go to the “Last chance to play it” section to find out if the game they are interested in will leave the PS Plus Extra soon. Except that again, the departure date does not appear either. We could say “yes but there is internet”, except Sony does not specify either when a title will no longer be available on its monthly article. True will of the editor or embarrassing bug? Only PlayStation knows, but the community is completely confused.

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