Project The Perceiver: a PS5 exclusive between Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro

Project The Perceiver: a PS5 exclusive between Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro

Chinese developer Papergames and studio 17ZHE Studio have announced Project: The Perceiver, an open-world action game for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The game clearly presents itself as a spiritual son of Ghost of Tsushima while having a certain proximity with Sekiro.

Project The Perceiver, a game set in medieval China

It’s to their credit, the two Chinese studios wanted to pay tribute to the fascinating history of the Middle Kingdom while having a fantastic scope. The game takes place during the Tang Dynasty which takes place between 712 and 769 AD.

Discover a world in chaos and meet a variety of characters as the Master of Varieties. Consolidate their distinctive ideals into masks, and engage in the fiercest battles.

Entirely in open mode, the game should leave us a nice freedom of movement with a nice emphasis on exploration and discovery (a developer promise). The 7 minute long trailer which is visible above will give you a good overview of the gameplay. It’s hard not to make the connection with Gost of Tsushima, especially in terms of the fighting, the camera angles and overall even the artistic direction. Even if the game Project The Perceiver obviously does not take place in Japan.

As of now we have no release date for this fighting title. We will therefore have to be patient to find out a little more on the subject.

This announcement makes you t-her eye? What do you think of a fighting game like this set in Medieval China?

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