Project 007: James Bond fans will be disappointed

Project 007: James Bond fans will be disappointed

IO Interactive, the Hitman studio, warns that we will have to be very patient with the James Bond Project 007 game. And the same goes for the still unconfirmed Xbox exclusive: Project Dragon.

fans of james bond, take out the tissues because the next Project 007 game, developed by the Hitman teams, will not be available for several years. The teaser with the emblematic musical theme will still be able to loop on your TV.

James Bond Project 007 Game Won’t Arrive Until 2025

The best ! In a document addressed to its investors, spotted by the Internet user DarkDetective (which is aptly named), IO Interactive warns of a significant drop in revenue for its next two fiscal years.

We’ve had a couple of years with solid revenue and profit due to a title launch (note: the lavish Hitman 3). There is a risk that EBITDA and earnings will fall over the next two calendar years. This is due to the long production phases ahead, before the next releases hit the market. Estimates for fiscal year 2024 and 2025 show a significant decline.

To make it clearer, the Project 007 or any other IO Interactive game won’t be released until April 1, 2025. This new adaptation of James Bond will start from scratch with an origin story and aims to be a trilogy. Despite this blank page, there will be references to known protagonists of the franchise.

And the exclusive Xbox Project Dragon?

None IO Interactive game won’t arrive until April 1, 2025, which includes the Project Dragon which would be an Xbox exclusive. According to rumors, it would be a AAA RPG in a medieval fantasy universe, maybe even an MMO published by Xbox Game Studios Publishing. And like Game of Thrones or House of the Dragon, there should be dragons…

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