Prince of Persia remake: despite appearances, the game is not dead

Prince of Persia remake: despite appearances, the game is not dead

Dead or not dead? What is certain is that the Prince of Persia Remake game does not give much news to reassure players and fans of the license. Aware of the problem, Ubisoft therefore wanted to provide some clarification to remind us that the adventure game should not be buried too soon.

Prince of Persia remake, finally some news

It is via its Twitter account that Ubisoft wanted to speak:

Many of you have asked us questions about Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time Remake. We’ve created an article to help you consolidate the answers in one place.

Thank you for your continued love and enthusiasm for this title. It means a lot to us!

In the article in question, we can in fact find a FAQ whose information is as follows:

game state
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake is not cancelled. The game is currently in development at Ubisoft Montreal.

Other series remakes
Beyond PoP: The Sands of Time, there are currently no plans to remake any other Prince of Persia titles.

Release date
As of now, a new release date has not been set. We will provide further information on this when we are ready.

Cancellations of pre-orders
As the game does not yet have a release date, existing pre-orders have been canceled and refunded where applicable.

Pre-orders can be reopened as soon as a new release date for the game has been announced.

We will share more details about the development of the game in future updates.

We can therefore expect news soon but on the other hand there is no need to be too impatient because for the moment the adventure game has no release date and Ubisoft does not seem at all ready to give one. It must be said that this remake of Prince of Persia had many problems with a change of studio which took place in May 2022. First entrusted to Ubisoft Pune and Mumbai, the game is now in the hands of Ubisoft Montreal .

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