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Recounting a hostage-taking on television at the dawn of the year 2000, Prime Time is a Polish thriller that leaves no one indifferent. This feature film presented at the Sundance Film Festival can be discovered on Netflix.


1999. Sebastian locks himself in a television studio. He has two hostages, a weapon and an important message to the world.

A breathless and simplistic thriller

The first feature film by Jakub Piątek, Prime Time is a thriller that caused a sensation at the Sundance Film Festival and is now available on Netflix. Set on New Year’s Eve 1999 in Poland, the film follows the crazy gesture of Sebastian, a young man desperate to be on television.

Determined, he becomes embedded in a program and takes the hostage hostage and a security man. For several hours, Sebastian demands that the producers, the production team and the channel manager be able to be broadcast live in order to deliver an important message to the world.


Carried by the impeccable performance of Bartosz Bielenia, Prime Time is an excellent thriller which plays on a palpable and pressing tension and which manages to move away with intelligence from the clichés of the genre by getting rid of any frills by anchoring itself in the real and straight to the point.

Against a backdrop of the Y2K bug fantasy and political and social protests, Sebastian intrigues with his mad desire to speak live on Polish television. However, Prime Time makes the smart choice never to reveal the true intentions of the young man, nor to tell too much about his life. If some will remain hungry, others will appreciate this wide possibility to the imagination.


Until the last minutes, particularly violent and dramatic, we are caught in a whirlwind of tension and suspense in an oppressive and embarrassing confined space that makes you fear the worst at every moment. For a first achievement, Jakub Piątek succeeds in reinventing a genre and offering it a welcome humanity and simplicity while creating a constant tense atmosphere.

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