Predator: we know more about the next film in the franchise


The “Predator” franchise is preparing its return with a feature film that could have remained secret. Now that everyone is up to speed, the official title is confirmed and new information has just been revealed.

Predator : a new film on track

Mythical monster of cinema, the Predator has not always been used with good taste. After John McTiernan’s inaugural masterpiece with Arnold Schwarzenegger, we had a lot to eat and drink on the subject of space hunters. The last example that supports our claims is the very average The Predator by Shane Black. The license is now held by Disney since the acquisition of Fox. But do not believe that the firm with the big ears does not intend to exploit the universe.

At the end of last year, we learned thata secret wanted project was in preparation for a little while. At its head, director Dan Trachtenberg, responsible for the good surprise 10 Cloverfield Lane. The project was hidden for a long time and was not to be sold as a Predator movie during the promotion. The ingenious idea was to play with us to surprise us in the end.

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