Powerwash Simulator: finally a PS5 and PS4 release date!

Powerwash Simulator: finally a PS5 and PS4 release date!

Games of the “simulator” type are legion and if they have existed since the dawn of time, these little games now have a real fanbase and we often have the right to funny nuggets. Farming Simulator is a real hit, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a technical bomb and a real success, Police Simulator makes the good days of Steam since its release, etc. But if there’s a completely unexpected simulation game that hit PC and Xbox last year, it’s Powerwash Simulator.

Powerwash Simulator has a release date on PS5 and PS4

The game triggered a veritable soapy tidal wave when it was released. In addition to squatting the best sellers of Steam during weeks, Powerwash Simulator has become THE relaxing game for a whole bunch of players and streamers, so much so that its popularity has totally exploded.
If it was previously reserved for PC and Xbox players, Powerwash Simulator has finally set its release date on PS5 and PS4 and the game is expected on January 30th.

Note that the page PlayStation-Blog which revealed the release date has been deleted, we will update the article when it reappears. At the moment, the video below is the very first trailer for the game on PS5 and PS4.

Powerwash Simulator, as the name suggests, is a high pressure cleaning simulation. Through several contracts, we will be asked to clean a whole bunch of environment and objects, ranging from the van to the facade of a house, passing by a statue in the middle of the desert or an entire metro station.
A game playable in solo as well as in cooperation which happens to be particularly addictive. In addition to offering us a strange satisfaction in cleaning the grime embedded in the smallest nooks, Powerwash Simulator offers a real evolution curve with a whole bunch of objects to unlock, from karchers to tips and cleaning products. Take out the blouses!

Have you already tried the experience?

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