Power Rangers: the reboot ready to be released in 2023?


Whatever you think, “Power Rangers” is a solid franchise that has proven its worth in particular on television. This is why a new film adaptation is still relevant, after the first which saw the light of day in 2017. This “Power Rangers” “reboot” could even arrive in our theaters, sooner than expected.

Go, go Power Rangers !!!

Since the mid-1970s, a popular subgenre has been shaking the heads of millions of Japanese viewers: Sentai. These series, made up of costumed heroes controlling giant robots, are hugely successful which goes beyond the borders of the land of the rising sun. We especially remember shows such as Bioman, Maskman or even Liveman who made the joys of Dorothy Club and the splendid voice of Bernard Minet.

The sentai inspire especially the United States which, in 1993, will launch their own team of superheroes: the Power Rangers. Criticized by the purists of the genre, the series nevertheless knows the glory, to the point of always being broadcast on television. Indeed, it is currently in its 29th season, soberly titled Power Rangers: Dino Fury.

In 2017, an attempt at a film reboot was released in theaters, with the desire to rally both fans of the work and a more “mature” audience. If the trailer foreshadowed a Power rangers dark, the result was not at all the same on the screen. Result: a massacre of the critics, the fans, as well as a commercial failure.

Power Rangers © Lionsgate

A new adaptation therefore tries to make a clean sweep of the past, with an ambitious project worthy of the MCU.

An exit already programmed

Willful or unintentional error? Still, the film’s release date was leaked through the website. LICENSINGCON. Power Rangers will therefore be released in 2023. As a reminder, it was Jonathan Entwistle who was asked to lead this project, including time travel as well as a connected universe that will link television and cinema.

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