Portal RTX: a stunning before/after video

Portal RTX: a stunning before/after video

The long-awaited Portal RTX, which sees the light of day thanks to the impressive Nvidia technology of the same name, reveals a stunning before/after video.

Portal RTX comes out today. Overall it is the same game in its gameplay as the 2007 version but with a major graphic change: the addition of RTX technology from Nvidia. If that doesn’t seem like much to you, just take a look at the before/after video below to see the stark difference. It must also be said that the game also benefits from new textures.

Portal RTX, a cult game more beautiful than ever?

We owe the video Portal RTX before/after on the YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits. It’s pretty striking about all the lighting and shadow work. So much so that we almost have the impression of attending another game during certain scenes. As a reminder, the good news is that this version is completely free in the form of DLC for those who already own the base game.

@ ElAnalistaDeBits

Portal RTX is a free DLC for all Portal owners developed by NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios. Experience the critically acclaimed and award-winning Portal game, reimagined with ray tracing. Every game frame is enhanced with stunning full ray tracing, new high-resolution physics-based textures, and new enhanced high-poly models reminiscent of the originals, all in stunning 4K. In Portal with RTX, full ray tracing transforms every level, allowing light to bounce around and be affected by scene geometry and materials. Every light is ray-traced and casts shadows, indirect global illumination naturally brightens and darkens rooms, volumetric ray-traced lighting diffuses through fog and smoke, and shadows are pixel-perfect.

Do you plan to play this DLC? But above all do you have the GPU for?

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