Portal more beautiful than ever, it’s coming soon

We know that Portal must afford a nice makeover thanks to the presence of the Nvidia RTX. Everything now has a date.

Initially announced alongside the new RTX 4080 and 4090 graphics cards from Nvidia, the RTX version of the Portal game therefore offers itself a release date: the December 8, 2022. The opportunity to immerse yourself in the puzzle game in its most beautiful version.

Portal yes but in RTX

Nvidia claims the DLC was created with RTX Remix , its new modding platform designed to make it easier to add support for modern technologies such as ray tracing or even DLSS to classic titles. Note also in passing that this Portal RTX supports DLSS 3, the latest version of the manufacturer’s super sampling technology, which is designed to increase resolution and frame rate. However, it is only accessible to owners of an RTX 4000 graphics card (too bad).

Portal RTX

At the same time you can find the minimum and recommended configurations of the RTX version above. As you can see, to run the game in ultra in good conditions, you need at least an RTX 4080. In other words, it won’t affect a lot of people.

For the rest an RTX 3080 will suffice or an RTX 3060 to run the game at a minimum.

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