Pornhub: top of the most searched video games in 2022, what can I say…

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Friends of useless statistics and good taste, hello. Everything in this article is to be taken literally. And no, don’t look for the links there are none.

At the end of each year, everyone takes stock and submits their annual statistics. From Spotify retrospective, to PlayStation history or even Switch, almost any brand lends itself to the game. Even the most famous of adult sites, Pornhubwhich likes to list the top searches related to video games every year.

Top most searched video games on Pornhub

A classification rather varied in genres, perhaps even a little too much, which includes very well-known licenses such as Mass Effect, League of Legends, Final Fantasy or resident Evil. At the very top of the podium, it is Fortnite which attracts the most curious and amateurs of pickaxe strokes, followed byOverwatch and of Genshin Impact. A top almost identical to last year according to Pornhub.
In the list, we will also find particularly surprising licenses, which we would not even have imagined to be there. As Minecraft Where Roblox for example, whose square edges are visibly effective. We also find Pokémon (we will not make any allusion to the Pokéballs, it is promised.), which camps the fifth position all the same. And if the classification is to be believed, the cups of coffee and bowls of milk from Cuphead are popular, almost as much as the tentacles of SplatoonPisces Man’s favorite category in The Boys.

Pornhub ranking of video game licenses

Top most searched video game characters

To understand what these licenses are doing here, you have to look at the list of the most wanted characters, and there too there are things that cannot be explained.
For the most part, we find here only female characters from several licenses such as Overwatch, League of Legends or Genshin Impact, but not only… At the top of the ranking is, closely followed by Ange, Tracer, Mei and Ashe. Surprisingly, there are no Winston, Chopper or Doomfist in the rankings. And again, the latter ended up finding himself there every time. Genshin Impact is also very present here, once again with its female characters, although some are obviously looking for content related to Slimes, these small viscous and colorful balls that swarm everywhere in the game.
We will also find the imposing Lady Dimitrescu of Resident Evil Villagewhich already made players fantasize when it was announced, as well as Ada Wong from Resident Evil 2. And in the middle of all his characters, in second position, we find Minecraft with Jenny Mod, face of a very popular adult mod that simulates cubic “romances”. OK why not.

Pornhub ranking of video game characters

Top most searched movies, series and geek characters

Because video games are not the only media to fantasize, Pornhub has also made a top of the most searched movies, series and geek characters. Here we are hardly surprised to find Harley Quinn in first place, followed by the universe Star Wars and his princess Leia. On the other hand, see sonic close the top 5 in sixth position behind wonder woman, we must admit that we did not see it coming. Just like seeing that The Incredibles, the animated film from Pixar, and its Elastigirl can turn heads. For the rest, when we see Spiderman, Avengers, Black WidowBatman or even Superman in the rankings, we think that cosplay still has a bright future ahead of it in the adult film industry.

Pornhub: top of the most searched video games in 2022, what can I say...

Most used consoles for watching videos

Finally, Pornhub reveals the platforms most used to watch adult films. The site, on the other hand, states that it does not differentiate between platforms and that it has classified everything by brand. On the other hand, no Nintendo Switch here, but indeed WiiU, 3DS and PS Vita. No, don’t ask too many questions, we don’t understand any more than you do. As for the classification, a simple glance is enough, it is on PlayStation that the players are the most… curious. Still, there’s still no haptic feedback support on PS5.

pornhub console ranking

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