Pokémon Yellow on Switch? Here’s what it could look like!

Pokémon Yellow on Switch? Here's what it could look like!

The cult game Pokémon Jaune arouses many passions like this fan who wanted to make a 3D version of the famous RPG. This is what it could look like.

Pokemon Yellow has been remade in 3D by a very determined fan, certainly not in its entirety but enough to realize what the RPG would give in 3D, why not via a remake version of the cult title from 1998 on Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Yellow in 3D

The fan in question who is named Pokebro (and which bears its name terribly well) has therefore produced the video visible below:

Giving itself just two weeks to deliver this content, Pokebro began by importing voxel-inspired models of Ash and Pikachu from Pokemon Yellow and bringing them to life in-game. As can be seen within its creation, the design s is also inspired by the work that was done on the excellent Zelda Link’s Awakening in terms of 3D rendering.

As we can see in the explanations that dot the video, the man probably had a lot of difficulties to create the Poké Ball and combat system, it is all the more interesting since the basic game is not not at all thought to work in 3D voxel. Judging by the comments in the video, people would love to be able to play a remake like this in its entirety.

A fantastic job! It’s amazing how you did this on your own! I wish you two things for the future: that you get the credit you deserve for this work (not just YouTube platitudes) and that Nintendo decides to be cool and let you keep it, you know after you give in to the thousands of people asking for the game. Good luck in whatever you do in the future, sir! Thank you for sharing this with the whole world!

Would you like to see a remake of this type for Pokémon Yellow ?

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