Pokemon Scarlet: you can duplicate your shiny, but be careful!

Pokemon Scarlet: you can duplicate your shiny, but be careful!

Smart guys have figured out how to duplicate shiny in Pokemon Scarlet & Purple, but don’t do it!

Nintendo’s double big release has been making a lot of noise since its release on November 18th. Although mocked or shunned because of its bugs, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet also has a very large number of fans who trudge through Paldea to fill their Pokedex. The smart guys seem to have found a way to make their job much easier by duplicating their little critters, and even the shiny ones! But there is a big risk.

You can duplicate your pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Purple…

Several players have indeed reported that when you are near an area with a load (like the central city for example), you just have to catch a pokemon, then change area to cause a load. Once it is finished, you must quickly save your game and then quit the game.

When you reconnect, the pokemon you caught will appear again. A bug exploit that allows you to duplicate small monsters to catch them in a chain, and in the event that it is a shiny pokemon, to capture several copies without forcing it.

… but you may be risking a lot

Although this bug should be fixed quickly, it remains possible to use it for the time being. But be careful though, because Nintendo is keeping an eye on the grain and could punish players who have glitched. Shortly before the release of Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company had said it was ready to take action to combat cheaters.
This includes players who modify their pokemon data, impersonations, or those who own pokemon obtained other than by playing the game normally. So this could also count small monsters caught with exploit bugs.

And the punishment is severe, since being caught using such methods is punishable by outright banishment from the franchise’s online services.
If in doubt, therefore, we strongly advise against having fun with the limits of the game to duplicate your pokemon. Not to mention that you could damage your backup by doing something wrong. Anyway, cheating is wrong.

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