Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: a tip to fix framerate issues

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: a tip to fix framerate issues

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are finally out and if the first feedback, from the press and from the players are good, everyone agrees that there are performance issues.

So yes, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are naughty as lice, but they are obviously very good and players would like to be able to enjoy them in excellent conditions.

How to fix framerate issues on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

It would therefore seem that the transition to the open world is not going completely as planned for this ninth generation of little monsters. Fortunately, there is a trick to improve performance, pending future official patches. According to one Twitter user, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would have big memory problems in areas loaded in detail. Issues that sometimes reverberate quite unexpectedly for no apparent reason.

To correct the problem, the trick is therefore simply to restart your game once you have entered town or when excessive framerate drops appear. This would then restore a suitable framerate. However, it should be noted that the solution is only temporary. Several players who have already tested the trick claim that framerate drops come back no matter what.

Game Freak should certainly look into the subject especially since apart from its technical part, this 9G seems to be off to a good start and seems to be generally appreciated by fans. We also remember that these are also technical problems that had marred the experience of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, for not stingy with good ideas. The latter managed to offer a real renewal and a semi-open world, but was battered by too frequent framerate drops and graphics from another age. And that seems to be the case here too in this Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, but we’ll give you a definitive review soon, right here on DashFUN, as soon as we’re done with our Paldea ride.

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