Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: a technical disaster scrutinized

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: a technical disaster scrutinized

If Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can count on millions of fans around the world, 9G is far from unanimous as we can quickly see on the Web, where the two titles are strongly criticized because of their technique. A real failure that makes both laugh and cringe on social networks. Lately, Digital Foundry has looked into the matter

Autopsy of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet by Digital Foundry

Renowned in the field, Digital Foundry explains that Pokemon Scarlet & Purple fail on many technical points. clippingfalls of frame rate and aliasing are ubiquitous, while the game uses assets textures and modeling from another age. The expert points the finger at a cruel lack of optimization at practically all levels since even the display distance is not damned to do things correctly. As explained in the video below, the new builds spawn Pokemon and NPCs right under players’ noses, and when getting too far away from moving objects or entities, the animations stutter until sometimes vanish.

It is also raised many camera problems which do not hesitate to plant the field of vision in the decor or the impossibility of the game to maintain a frame rate correct, even during cutscenes. So yes, Pokemon Scarlet & Purple are indeed real commercial successes, but they are also two big technical failures, especially since, as Digital Foundry also explains here, it is the lack of optimization that is at the heart of the problem. The Nintendo Switch manages to cash in much more demanding titles like Zelda Breath of The Wild or Xenoblade 3, and even games like Dying Light 2.

It now remains to be seen what happened during development and why Game Freak was unable (or unable) to give itself the means to optimize its game from A to Z. Since there is ultimately no shortage of much to Pokemon Scarlet & Purple to be real essentials, but that, we will detail it to you soon in our test!

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