Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: a huge leak completely improbable

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: a huge leak completely improbable

New blow for Nintendo, which is definitely having a hard time channeling leaks around its Nintendo Switch exclusives. After Bayonetta 3 very recently, it is now Pokemon Scarlet / Violet that is the victim of a leaked at least unexpected.

10 hours of leak for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Expected for November 18, copies of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet already seem to be in the wild. It is indeed no less than 10 hours of gameplay that were broadcast on the Web more than a week before its release and it continues. Since that night, a user stream indeed the game in the greatest calm on a platform relatively unknown to the general public Trovo.live. For the most curious who are not afraid to make spoiler, meet at this address to discover his adventures in the region of Paldea before the wrath of Nintendo runs rampant.

For the moment, it is impossible to know with certainty the source of this leak, but it is most likely a cracked version obtained following an update of the e-Shop. While the Internet was igniting a few hours ago on the leaked from one of the evolutions of one of the starters of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, it is now a whole bunch of new creatures that have been shown before their time. So be careful if you go on social networks, since spoilers are already in danger of swarming. We therefore recommend the usual measures: mutate all possible hashtags and words to avoid any disappointment.

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