Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Like You’ll Never See

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Like You'll Never See

Whether Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is appreciated on many points, it is not on his technique which is simply catastrophic. A player has decided to improve his gaming experience.

A fluid version of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To the chagrin of some players, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is far below other Nintendo Switch games. As much on the graphics as the technique. Beyond its mountain of sometimes quite funny bugs, the title of Game Freak is far from being a model of fluidity and even suffers from serious framerate problems. Concerns that would be due to a memory leak. Although impractical, a solution is nevertheless possible: restart the game as soon as it drags too much.

A modder, Theboy181, rolled up his sleeves to remove these unstable 30fps. In its home version, which is not yet accessible to everyone, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet runs like clockwork at 60fps… on PC. In short, an emulated Nintendo Switch version.

Despite astronomical sales, some have given up playing Pokémon Scarlet in such conditions. Disappointed, these people managed to get reimbursed by Big N by simply contacting customer service. Be careful, however, if you try, because if you have already benefited from such a gesture before, the manufacturer could refuse you a refund for your digital copy of the game.

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