Pokemon Scarlet: an unlikely trick to go twice as fast

Pokemon Scarlet: an unlikely trick to go twice as fast

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are finally out. While feedback agrees that the games are good but tarnished by technique, players have experienced a whole slew of bugs. Often hilarious, sometimes annoying, sometimes they can come in handy. The technique of teleportation by throwing Pokéball is now known to everyone, but a new trick has been discovered. It allows you to move twice as fast, but you have to want it.

How to run twice as fast in Pokemon Scarlet?

When the glitches become useful. While it’s obvious that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s biggest flaw is technique, some bugs can come in handy. One of them allows you to run twice as fast via a completely improbable trick that no one could have found. Several players have indeed found that it was possible to double the movement speed of their character and their mount by using two left joysticks at the same time.

To use this technique, simply connect two controllers to the same Nintendo Switch. From then on, your version of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will automatically disconnect Player 2’s controller. However, the Joy-Cons in question will remain paired without being assigned to a profile. From there, you can then use the two left sticks to make your character move even faster. According to the feedbacks, the trick could be capricious at times and however depends on a certain angle. No need to try to add a third or fourth controller, it will have no additional effect. It won’t solve the worries of frame rate (contrary to this trick) nor the various bugs, but it will have the merit of making you cross the zones twice as fast as long as you have two left hands.

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