Pokemon Scarlet: a trick to make your Pokemon evolve easily

Pokemon Scarlet: a trick to make your Pokemon evolve easily

At the moment, every day, a trick appears and pushes the limits of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to cheat the game and bend it to his will.

Not long ago, players discovered a way to duplicate their Pokémon using loading times to their advantage and even a trick to improve the game’s framerate. Today, a fan has found a way to evolve his little monsters without even lifting a finger. And it is once again on social networks that this trick has been revealed.

A trick to develop your Pokémon without moving

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet incorporate a new game system that allows you to run a Pokémon close to you and even to send him to fight on his own. A mechanic that Game Freak has also used to evolve certain creatures like Pohmotte.

If you want to see the little monster evolve into a Pohmarmotte, you have to make it walk no less than 1000 steps by your side, then make it take a level. A player therefore had the idea of ​​exploiting the flaws in the game to make the task easier. He explains with a small video clip that it is enough to release his companion near a center Pokémon, or any other elevated surfaces, then use his mount to climb onto the roof of the building. the Pokémon, alone on the ground, will then look for his trainer by turning stupidly in circles without interruption. It only takes a few minutes for your little Pohmotte to meet the conditions for development. All you have to do is raise it a level to validate the deal and see it evolve before your eyes.

A real tip from Monaflèmit! But why not.

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