Pokémon: Netflix is ​​preparing a live-action series


In line with “Detective Pikachu”, a live action “Pokémon” series is being developed on Netflix. The famous creatures continue to be popular and the streaming giant has understood it very well.

Netflix takes an interest in Pokémon

Inaugurated in 1996, the franchise Pokemon remains in the spotlight 25 years later. No need to present it as it has entered popular culture. There are obviously video games, which continue to be commercial successes. But there are also all the products around. We see, for example, lately, that a renewed interest in cards is taking an insane scale. Netflix wants to take advantage of this craze to get a piece of the cake.

Variety reveals that the streaming service is developing a series Pokemon. A project which remains at an early stage for the moment and about which nothing is known except thatit will be in real shots. Like the movie Pokémon Detective Pikachu, the episodes will allow the meeting between actors and the cult creatures.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu © Warner Bros.

A first for Pokemon

Joe Henderson was chosen to write and produce the program. However, it will be necessary to wait to know which scenario approach will be chosen. Netflix will be able to add to its catalog of exclusives a title that can affect many countries around the world. While other video game adaptations are confined to animation (far cry, Splinter Cell or tomb Raider), Pokémon has the privilege of getting treatment in live shots. This is the first time the license has landed a television adaptation in this form.

Despite some fears upstream, Detective Pikachu is far from being an artistic disaster, which leaves us with hope that the series can be a pleasant surprise. Even having grossed $ 433 million at the global box office, the movie shouldn’t have a sequel. To see what financial resources will be deployed on the series to offer a credible result and if the treatment will go beyond the not necessarily interesting stage of fan service. While waiting to learn more, the hot news is the recent release of Pokémon Unite.

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