Pokemon is preparing a huge surprise for fans of the series

“Un day i will be the best trainer », simple words that are enough to fill an entire generation with nostalgia. After 25 years, Sasha has kept his word and it’s almost time for him to give way to new heroes. Next month, the final episode of the Pokemon series dedicated to him will be broadcast. And the end promises to be epic for the fans of the first hour.

The return of two iconic characters in the Pokemon series

The end of Sasha and Pikachu’s adventures are coming to an end soon. After carrying the franchise for nearly 25 years, the iconic duo will soon be retiring. On February 20, 2022, a page will therefore turn for the series, and The Pokemon Company obviously sees things big for the farewell of the one who has finally become the best trainer. Famitsu is indeed reporting that the final episode of this particular season will mark the return of two fan-favorite characters, and that’s not just anyone.

These are indeed the two historical Sasha comps that will return again in the Pokemon series: Pierre and Ondine. The sidekicks will be back shortly before the final episode. The trainer from Bourg-Palette would therefore come across Ondine by chance and they will catch a wild Flingouste together in the episode broadcast on February 20 in Japan. Pierre meanwhile would only show himself in the final episode of Sasha’s adventures. According to the Japanese magazine, he would be captured by a Witchcraft. Another detail revealed and not the least, the credits of these last episodes will be a remake of the original from 1997. Instant nostalgia guaranteed for Pokemon fans. All that’s missing is an appearance from Butterfree and Charizard to get the tissues out.

Pokemon Surprise

This chapter turned, a new Pokemon series will be inaugurated. It will feature two new characters Liko and Roy. They will be accompanied by the starter of the Scarlet and Violet games and will lead fans to new adventures in the heart of Paldea.

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