Pokémon :Disney, Star Wars and Harry Potter don’t weigh

Pokémon :Disney, Star Wars and Harry Potter don't weigh

No matter how much people grumbled about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s disastrous technique, the franchise has never been better and remains untouchable.

Pokémon unbeatable since 1996

Since the first episode in 1996, Pokemon Red and Green, the license continues to take everything in its path. To the point where Pikachu, Eevee and other Bulbizarre have become icons of pop culture. A cult series which very quickly opened up to other markets such as card games, animation, derivative products, etc. Enough to undermine the portfolio of collectors.

To this day, the franchise remains the most profitable of all time with revenues amounting to more than 118 billion dollars, of which more than 82 billion in merchandising alone. But what impresses is the place of Pokemon compared to other very powerful brands.

  1. Pokemon: more than 118 billion dollars
  2. Hello Kitty: more than 88.5 billion dollars
  3. Winnie the Pooh: $82.9 billion
  4. Mickey Mouse: over $81 billion
  5. Star Wars : more than 69.4 billion dollars
  6. Disney Princess: over $46.4 billion
  7. Anpanman: more than 44.9 billion dollars
  8. Marvel Universe: over $36.2 billion
  9. Mario: over $34.8 billion
  10. Harry Potter : more than 32.2 billion

Apart from Pokemon, the numbers are not necessarily updated but regardless, the trend of the top 10 remains the same. The last episode, Scarlet and Violet, alone explodes records and even atomizes God of War Ragnarok.

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