Pokemon Blue & Red: this pretty remake that we would like to see on Switch

Pokemon Blue & Red: this pretty remake that we would like to see on Switch

A remake of Pokémon Blue & Red with the original designs? This is the challenge that a fan of the license gave himself. The result is frankly successful.

Do you dream of a remake of Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow different from Pokemon Let’s Go? A fan is on the record and has chosen an artistic direction that is, to say the least, singular. A project that should appeal to nostalgics.

A remake of Pokemon Blue/Red in the style of the original artwork

The fans have talent. Regularly we share some of the most impressive creations. We think in particular of what The Witcher 4 or GTA 6 could give under Unreal Engine 5. However, the artist in question has imposed on himself a completely different type of challenge. Create a remake of Pokemon Red/Blue in 3D and with the style of Ken Sugimori’s classic illustrations for the original games. The result is striking and we almost hope to see one day such a title arrive on Nintendo Switch.

As this fan explains in his bio, the idea of ​​creating a Pokemon remake from a different perspective. A clearly nostalgic and charming look that will have its small effect on retro players who have been lulled by the artworks of the designer. This prototype has in any case found its success on social networks. The first video posted in May 2020 garnered over 224,000 likes and almost 55,000 retweets. Remember that license fans will be able to get their hands on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet from November 18th.

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